Meet VirginiaCharm

A one woman show.

This is Gina:

(Thank you husband)

Whether in school, career positions and now as an independent craft artist, Gina was always on the lookout for a perfect outlet for her creative expression. Then one day, she encountered beads and formed Virginia Charm. These magical bits of glass, gemstone, metal and other materials spoke to her in ways not imagined before. So now she creates one of a kind jewelry, orchestrated with textures, colors, and patterns, harmoniously arranged in an eclectic medley of techniques. The materials themselves are her inspiration. Predominantly self-taught, she works with semi-precious gemstones, lampwork beads, contemporary and vintage art glass, metals, fiber, and natural materials.

Her creativity has expanded to jewelry boxes, foiled artistic prints, customized greeting and holiday cards and now unique lamps. It is very important to her that she strives for technical excellence and the highest quality of workmanship. She chooses the best tools and materials affordable, because she believes that they are well justified by the time and creative energy she puts into her art.

Her products cover a wide spectrum of materials and processes when blended, capture the essence of emotion, music, celebration and political commentary.

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