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New passion of mine… boxes! I think it unmasks my deep desire to be organized…but never am.  These are on sale at VirginiaCharm on Etsy.  

This delightful clock will make a nice present for your Pokemon Go adventurer. It is a wooden piece painted black with a gold-foiled Pikachu pendulum. Lightweight clock, just insert one AA battery, set the time, move the pendulum to one side or the other and let it go.[…]

See Virginia Charm’s Carnelian Necklace here Carnelian is a Sacral Chakra Stone and is said to enhance emotional balance and creativity. Referred to as the “setting sun” in ancient times.  

Alice in Wonderland Front

This is a redecorated little 2-drawer box to put on a desk or a dresser, at your office perhaps?  The front depicts the famous Alice talking to the Cheshire Cat scene.  In order to make it fit in the space I had to do a little photoshopping.  I think[…]

Small 1-3 page HTML website Brochure-style website, Basic information, Promotional website $350 – up to 3 pages, $100 per page 4+   Average 4-5 page HTML website.  This will usually include: Home, Services, Team, About us, Contact Us, etc. $485 – up to 5 pages, $150 per page 6+   Responsive[…]

While in an airport heading home from Rapid City, my husband and I were in one of those gift shops. He saw a piece of jewelry meant for your boots. He picked it up and said, “you can do this!” I do so many other things, and wasn’t[…]

Applying foil to paper is one of the crafts that can really frustrate people.   It’s like sometimes it’s just hit and miss.  One day I decided to just show how to do it using a regular laminator…I was ticked off at my “foiling” laminator_anyway, I video-taped it[…]

Virginia Charm adds a modern twist to classic jewelry designs, making each piece something that you will continue to wear for years to come. Providing you handmade, custom jewelry, with the finest materials available. Bringing a little bit of Virginia Charm to every piece. Here you’ll find everything[…]

One Clock too Many? Is this too many clocks for one house?   When it comes to home decor, this is the bomb, the perfect clock can determine a rooms’ personality.  The mechanical clocks, (key wind up) are the most high maintenance but for sure the most attractive[…]

Bella Carte is my paper product portion of Virginia Charm. My husband has bought me so many types of crafting equipment, I’m running out of space in this office of mine. I have the Silhouette Cameo Cutter/printer, HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color Printer, Samsung Laser[…]