Shabby Chic Pendulum Wall Clock with Quartz movement. Reclaimed and painted in an “heirloom” white.  Showing some little imperfections for the shabby but chic character.  Three are available and another one on the way. For sale at VirginiaCharm on Etsy

This delightful clock will make a nice present for your Pokemon Go adventurer. It is a wooden piece painted black with a gold-foiled Pikachu pendulum. Lightweight clock, just insert one AA battery, set the time, move the pendulum to one side or the other and let it go.[…]

One Clock too Many? Is this too many clocks for one house?   When it comes to home decor, this is the bomb, the perfect clock can determine a rooms’ personality.  The mechanical clocks, (key wind up) are the most high maintenance but for sure the most attractive[…]