Welcome to Charming.  Virginia Charm’s version of that silly word “blog”.  Here you will find items only about Virginia Charm and it’s products. However, Virginia Charm isn’t about just one business or entity; Virginia Charm is also about Small Business in the Southern-Eastern region of Virginia. I believe in the “mom and pop” corner market and it’s the best kind of business to support.

Stick around for businesses to be added as I continue to develop this website. So far, I have local entrepreneur in the local area that so believes in Donald Trump for President, he designed his own T-shirt that seems to be selling like hot cakes wherever he goes.

Then there’s the lady (Tami) that is about all over the map as I am in the ventures she tackles. She is probably one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet… But also one of the busiest…other than me? LOL

So look under the menu item “Charmed” and then “Local Charm” and see if one of these small businesses have something of interest.

If you’re interested in the other parts of this website; go to:

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