I Want Trump! Robert Manny’s T-Shirt

Meet Robert Manny, an unassuming cancer survivor who one day just roberthappened to see the man he hoped would run for president, announce his candidacy.  Robert doesn’t have much, doesn’t expect much but has some big ideas and hopes and dreams.  And in one fell swoop, he landed on a design for a T-shirt to support his candidate; Donald J. Trump….The Don.

Robert says: “The Idea came one night watching the news,  which I became obsessed with the whole Donald Trump thing and thought to myself;”I sure would like a Trump T-shirt;” so I had a friend go online because I knew of nowhere else to find one.  What I saw were shirts of a simple design for $25 and thought ‘Boy! I can come up with a better shirt!’  So I kicked around a few ideas and thought what could be Fox Printingbetter than having Uncle Sam support Donald Trump?  After all it worked for recruiting soldiers and U.S bonds and God knows what else. So I contacted Fox Printing, pitched the idea and they really worked hard with me to make this happen.  I can’t thank Steve and Mike Fox of Fox Printing enough for all they have done and keep doing for me.  God puts people in your path just when you need them the most.” 

He continues: “I’m currently battling disability compensation with my attorney.  I have a lot of health problems from radiation and chemotherapy. I am a stage 4 throat cancer survivor which was diagnosed in 2010 with a prognosis of only two months to live. Thanking God, I’m still here.”

Ryan and April MacleodRobert credits April and Ryan MaCleod of Seaford, Virginia for taking him in and giving him a place to recover and heal from the grueling regiment of chemo-therapy and radiation treatments.  They are his angels here on Earth.

Robert says: “Ryan and April actually took me to the hospital the night the tumor exposed itself and they saw the cancer in a cat scan and were there for me every day during treatment and letting me stay with them In Chesapeake. They watched me lose 100 pounds in 8 weeks and feed myself through a tube for 6 months.”

Robert is working hard to get his unique “retro meets modern” T-shirt. diamond and silk1 manny Standing out in temperatures hot enough to fry an egg.  But he does it. He believes in his product.  Robert attends various Trump Rallies and was introduced to Diamond & Silk; those internet-sensations that just LOVE them some “Donald J. Trump.”  Those women are a hoot; they believe in their “man” and there isn’t anyone who can change that.  Good for you Miss Diamond and Miss Silk; Press on ladies.

Robert has been granted permission to stand out in various business locations to sell his T-shirt only to have Trump “haters” threaten the
20160527_134426(0)business establishments over his appearance there.  Personally, I am also a Trump Supporter but if I saw a Hillary supporter selling their wares, why would I want to interfere?  I guess I just don’t understand the liberal mind or the vindictive mind of the right-winger who spews venom at the opposing candidate supporter.  We’re so divided as a culture and now we’re divided in our very own belief system.  And we’re not alone; Hillary and Bernie are going at it tooth and nail and their supporters are just as vile to their own as the conservatives are to THEIR own.  I fear for the survival of this country.  God Bless our Country and it’s citizens and please grant us the wisdom to stop this inner-fighting and come together as a nation..together we stand, divided we fall.

In the meantime; Robert has sold nearly 500 T-shirts in the local area; I’d like to see him expand his base.  You can order directly buy calling 757.814.5979 or you can order via this website using PayPal to purchase your shirt.

**** Robert wishes to shout out a special Thank You to George Clark of York County.

Visit I Want Trump Tshirt Now:  Robert Manny’s Website