Oh those Clocks

One Clock too Many?

Is this too many clocks for one house?   When it comes to home decor, this is the bomb, the perfect clock can determine a rooms’ personality.  The mechanical clocks, (key wind up) are the most high maintenance but for sure the most attractive and have the “richest” sounds.

I find them, usually broken, and fix them, some I will keep, some I have sold or will sell.  Some I make. You might figure out which ones those are.  I am currently working on an R/A antique Grandmother or mantel clock that someone must have really overwound pretty badly, it’s taking some time to get it loosened.   (there are more clocks, I just don’t have all of them pictured) As this site is developed, be sure to go to the store to see which clocks come up for sale. I love them all, but my husband does not.



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